Getting the Promoter -
CFO Equation Right
R Maruti
S Venkat, Founder Director, MyCFO
"For most family-managed businesses that are professionalising or raising private capital, getting the CFO appointment 'right is a critical prerequisite. Equally, CFOs who are keen to generate real impact, or even to produce transformational results, love to work with promoter-led companies. Unfortunately, despite this mutual 'need', CFO 'mortality rates' in family-run businesses remain very high.."

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From 'Accountant' to Becoming a
Strategic Business Partner
Vinod Keni, Executive Director, MyCFO
"These are exciting times for entrepreneurs. Though it is no walk in the park, more and more people are turning to entrepreneurship and working on exciting ideas that could be large and successful enterprises. Today, businesses have access to capital in the form of angel, venture and growth capital, provided their business models are proven and reasonable."

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R Maruti
From Seed to Tree -
Finance Function & Investor Delight
R Maruti
Deepak Narayanan, Co-Founder, MyCFO
"This piece is not about start-ups and young entrepreneurs. It's about the investors who are wooed by businesses and pump money into the Indian business ecosystem. It is about 'Investor Delight' which is not equivalent to appeasement. It's about making them quote your company as one of the positive examples in their portfolio which can only have a positive spin off for all concerned."

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On Your (Bench-) Mark -
Get Set, Go! (Blog)
Ravi Krishnan, Executive Director, Dubai
"One of the truths about our lives is that comparisons will ever end. When a child is growing up it is all but natural for parents to monitor how their kid is developing in relation to his peers. Give it a few more years & once the pressures of academics set in (particularly in the Asian context), parents are wholly obsessed on metrics largely developed and accepted by society at-large to measure & monitor their child's so-called progress in life."

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R Maruti
Case Corner -
Assisted Global Manufacturer of Industrial Steel
As a part of the Office of CFO Solution, MyCFO assisted a US$ 4bn listed, global manufacturer of industrial steel valves with 15 manufacturing plants globally.
The company required help with proscess improvement by implementing a product costing system in Baan Infor and Implementation of a target costing system, based on standard cost, Within 5 months, MyCFO delivered a tailor made holistic solution which drove cost savings of ~US$ 8mn through tighter controls over material mix, machine and labour efficiency.
For more details - Case Study page on Website
MyCFO Webinar Series
Rolling Forecasts - An alternative to budgeting as a planning tool
MyCFO in Partnership IMA and IOD -
Present CFO Round Table
MyCFO, in collaboration with IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) and IOD (Institute of Directors India), surveyed finance and accounting professionals in India about the state of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and the role played by management accountants.
The events were conducted pan India in three locations (Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi) in March 2018.
Click here for the summary and full report of the event.

Nanhi Kali
You can help bridge the distance between her dreams and reality by supporting us at Project Nanhi Kali
Together towards Tomorrow - MyCFO Partners with IMA UAE
More than 140 management accountants gathered to discuss global and local issues affecting the market and the industry including the VAT, IFRS, and the risks and opportunities with robotics and automation

Client Speak
I cannot but think of the massive contribution that your team has made....... To summarise the success of the mandate, I have just one word: Transformation ....... The contributions from your team have been impressive to say the least ....... I have thrown many challenges at her and she has always delivered to the highest standard, which for me is the ethos of WealthTree ....... I will be more tshan happy to reciprocate in any way we can to assist with your business.

Prasad Hariharan

Managing Director
Carnival Support Service (P&O Cruises)

Shriniwas Swamy

Head of Finance & Service

"A Budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where is went " - Anonymous